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Frog Prince and Frog Princess  

Portrait of a Frog Prince doll made by Debra Hathaway of Dragon Wings

The Frog Prince

$185 as a Doll or $205 as a Marionette puppet

Several years ago Debra and I sculpted a fabulous frog head which we intended to be a new doll.  Then it mysteriously disappeared.

In Maryland one day, while sticking my arm deep under the dark stairway to retrieve some pliers that I had flung, I saw two eyes peering at me. 

Startled, I drew back and decided I could use another tool for a while.

Several weeks later, when I was doing something that specifically required the use of those pliers and no other tool would suffice, I suddenly remembered the curious eyes hiding under the stairs.

The frog prince in his red and gold costume visited the Colorado Ren Fest in 2002

Caught lounging by the pond, this Frog Prince is waiting for a princess.

Where had I seen them before? "Crumpets! The Frog Prince is back!"

We danced "The Happy Dance" that evening, and before he could disappear again Debra sculpted wonderful hands for him.

We made molds and now offer cast resin copies hand-painted by Debra.

So cute you'll have to kiss him, our Frog Prince marionette looks particularly handsome dressed in green.

The Frog Princess created in June of 2003

The Frog Princess (above) is $235 as a doll or $255 as a marionette puppet

All orders are custom, call and give us a color scheme!

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