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Costume Feather Angel Wings for Sale

Archangel Wings

Huge Downswept

Huge Upswept

Archangel Wings

Archangel Feather Wings are eleven feet tall, for angel costume, christmas productions, photographers, movies
over 11 feet tall

Beth Hansen models a pair of our huge white feather wings, click on the photograph to go to our huge wing page
60 inches tall
Huge upright angel costume wings, front view
60 inches tall
Photo link to page with massive eleven foot tall white plume archangel wings
over 11 feet tall


Large Downswept

Large Upswept

Super Large Downswept

Super Large Upswept

Thumbnail link to large downswept angel wings page

Thumbnail link to Large Upswept costume angel wings page

Thumbnail link to Super Large size downswept feather angel wings

Thumbnail link to Super Large Upswept Angel Wings page

26 inches tall

26 inches tall

38 inches tall

38 inches tall


Medium Upswept

Upswept Cherub


Thumbnail link to upswept medium white feather angel wings front view showing how clearly they can be seen above the wearer's shoulders

18 inches tall

Thumbnail link to Upswept Cherub wings - small wings for children or adults

12 inches tall




We make our Costume Feather Angel Wings primarily in white or black

Airbrushing and Dyeing of wings is possible, extra charges will apply

Debra Hathaway demonstrating six foot wide articulating white feather angel wings

Back view of 6 foot wide outstretched articulating angel wings for sale

Above, 6 foot wide outstretched articulating wings $700 plus shipping



Above, 8 foot wide outstretched articulated wings $900


Below, 10 foot wide outstretched articulated wings $1,100

Stunning ten foot wide costume angel wings for cosplay, theater, television, movies

Ten foot wide articulated angel wings in folded in position


Please email the artists for more info!


Feather Wings for Photographers

More about the wing straps


Huge Wings Super Large

Large Wings

Medium Wings

Cherub Wings

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