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Eric R. Heath,
webmaster of, co-owner of Dragon Wings along with wife Debra Hathaway, marionette builder, photographer, woodworker, desktop publisher, tinkerer

Photo from 1991 of Eric Heath as a Cop Clown Eric Randall Heath, sometimes known as Mr. Hathaway

In 1981, after three years of college studying voice and piano,
I took a "leave of absence" to pursue a unique opportunity.
I attended and graduated from:

 Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College

When I returned to Syracuse University in 1982, I submitted a proposal
 for the design of a new
Syracuse University "Orange" mascot costume,
 which was adopted and is still in use today.

My involvement with Ren Fests started in 1982 at the Sterling Renaissance Festival near Oswego, New York where I operated the Battle Axe Throw game for over a decade.

In the late 80's I became a singing pretzel man at the Maryland Renaissance Fest and eventually came to operate the Battle Axe game there as well.

Eric Heath of Tipton, Indiana; Hudson, New Hampshire; Syracuse, New York; Gaithersburg, Maryland; Canaan, NH; and Easton, Maryland
Below is a sampling of my occupations
thereafter, many simultaneously:

* Administrative Secretary,
* Piano Lounge
University Cheerleading Coach,
* Clown
entertainer and instructor,
* Corporate Mascot consultant,
* Axe Thrower at Renaissance Faires,
* Computer Engineer,
Cruise ship Singing Waiter, and
record holding Pretzel selling Guy

You might have seen Eric R. Heath sing and dance aboard the Spirit of Washington in the early 1990's

In 1995 I fell in love with Debra Hathaway and began helping with doll and marionette production.  My current job descriptions include: marionette engineer, resin casting, woodworking, desktop publishing, digital photography, catalogue design, and website developer.

I constantly read and experiment and learn more every day.  

Everything you see on these 300+ web pages was done
 by myself using Microsoft FrontPage
Until Sept of 2003 I used a Kodak DC3400 2 megapixel Digital Camera,
I now use a Canon Powershot G5 with 5 megapixels.

I also have an unusual neurological disorder,
Tourette's Syndrome, which may cause me
to spontaneously twitch, whirl, grimace or shout.

Good thing I work in an environment
where that sort of behavior is accepted, even encouraged!

I spend weekends at the Renaissance Faires
 stringing marionettes, singing, talking to myself,
 twirling, shouting nonsense, and sometimes barking.

It's quite a show, and some people think I'm a comic genius. . .

Esquire Magazine's Cal Fussman interviewed Eric Heath about What it Feels Like to Have Tourette's Syndrome in August 2002, Volume 138 No. 2,  Page 83.

You can learn more about the fairytale lives of Eric and his wife Debra Hathaway in the following newspaper articles:

Washington Post, September 12, 2002

Star Democrat, May 11, 2001

Star Democrat, October 7, 2001

Family Web Links

Eric's Father
H. Randall Heath

Eric's Mother
Lorraine Darling Heath

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