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Custom Characters & Marionettes for Performers

The Goblin King was a piece commissioned by Elizabeth Allen, of  He stood 24 inches tall.

$350 and up according to complexity of project

The modified "Fish Style" marionette controller

For an extra $100 Eric will string your marionette to a "Fish Style" controller.

The Fish controller allows simple yet precise motion of the head, has strings to the palms and back of the hands, and additional strings to control elbows, wide flinging of arms, and to "moon" walk (backwards).

Both a performing marionette and a likeness, the piece above was commissioned
 by Michelle Schulz who uses it regularly at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Especially challenging was a unique stringing arrangement to allow the puppet to "hunker down" close to the ground and still be fully functional.

We recently had a chance to give it an overhaul during which we added two more unique strings, which allow the marionette to scratch its backside (mimicking the actual performer)

A crone marionette in a new style, only 5 strings but excellent movement!

Above and left, The Crone, a marionette we built that used an unusual controller mechanism and had only 5 strings.
She was simple to operate and quite adept
at swooping and swirling dancingly.
Built for Colorado puppeteer Debra Ordway

The native children above were commissioned 
by Colorado puppeteer Debra Ordway
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