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Clown College Graduates on the web
1968 was the first year of
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. 
Over 1,400 people received training before 
the college was discontinued after the Class of 1997.

For more information about Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus, see their website at:

2001 CC Reunion in Vegas

This list created and maintained by Eric Heath, Clown College Class of 1981
marionette maker and co-owner (with my wife) of Dragon Wings 

Please email me with additions, deletions, corrections, errors, or just to say hi, at:

If you are interested in attending a clowning school taught by actual circus clowns, visit one of the sites below:
Clown Conservatory
CC Graduate Jeff Raz
3 semester program, San Francisco, CA
Mooseburger Camp
'82 Grad Tricia Bothun
Buffalo, MN
 Ultimate Clown School
Grads Dick Monday
, et al
NY City

Mini Fest

'88 Grad Michael Rosman
CC Grads Philip & Heide Karp-Briggs
Los Angeles, CA
Teach clowning

Listed below alphabetically by FIRST name, click on the name to see more details

Adam Auslander 88

Adam Gertsacov 89

Albert Alter 81

André du Broc 92

Andy Martello 88

Angel Ocasio 84

Artús Chavez 96

Barry Lubin 74 

Beni Malone 78

Beth Cooper 94

Bill Irwin 74

Bill Olbrisch 96

Bill Witter

Billy Jim Baker 70

Bob Hunt 82

Bob Kelmer

Bob Kramer 79

Bob Schiele 83

Bobbi Kennedy 81

Boyd Graham 83

Brad Aldous 94

Brad Bodary

Brad Reiss 97

Brad Yates 94

Brady Lea 87

Brenda Ahern 87

Brian Searl

Carl Bertolino 74

Carter Brown 80

Casey Carle 86

Charlie Frye 79

Charlie Stron

Chris Allison 84

Chris Fisk 81

Chris Shelton 81

Christopher Hudert

Christy McDonald 89

Chuck Sidlow 77

Conrad Hartz

Dale Penrod 73

Danny Pitre 92

Dave Grace 82

David Carlyon 76

David DeDera

David K. Hart

David Jackman 79

David Magidson 87

David Solove

David Wisniewski 73

Dawn P. Jones 92

Debbie Gilbert 81

Deon Aumaier 77

Dick Monday 74

Dolly Span Baker 75

Don Ganz 81

Donna Stivers 85

Donna Wood-Babcock 81

Doug Rougeux

Douglas Grew

Ed Leto 95

Eric Heath 81

Frank Olivier 79

Gary Peare 79

Gary Spear 82

Geoffrey Cobb 86

Gerry Born 90

Gil Wadsworth 79

Gina Alayne 88

Glen "Frosty" Little 68

Go Miura 89

Grainger Esch

Greg DeSanto

Greg Milstein 83

Guy "Guido" Totaro 92

Heidi Karp-Briggs 84

Hilary Roberts 74

Irv Luther 80

Jackie Tan 92

Jeff Darnell 78

Jeff Raz

Jeff Taub 92
Jeff Taveggia

Jeff Wirth 78

Jeffrey Jenkins

Jeffrey Miller 74

Jennifer Fields 94

Jerry Darkey 80

Jim Arneberg 78

Jim Howle 68

Joe Vecciarelli 88

Joel Heidtman 86

John Hadfield 82

Johnny Peers 70

Jonathon Griggs 85

Karen Bell 85

Karen DeSanto

Karen Quest 83

Kathie Horejsi

Katie Wilson Peterson 89

Keith Crary 68

Kenny Ahern 83

Kenny Mikey 84
Kent Tyler 70

Kevin Starr 87

Kip Reynolds 82

Kirby Soderberg 89

Kirk Marsh 97

Kobi Shaw

Lauren Muney 88

Lee Jarratt 88
Lemuel E. Fillyaw 93

Leon McBride 69

Leslie Hill 86

Lisa B. Lewis 86

Liz (Betzi) Lenz 75

Lou Johnson 90

Luis Roman 76

Mandy Dalton 82

Marc Crazydog 75

Mark Willimann 82

Matt Croke 88

Max Daniels 85

Michael Bongar 73

Michael Craig 90

Michael Davis 73

Michael "Tuba" Heatherton 78

Michael Karp 90

Michael Naylor 93

Michael Rock

Michael Rosman 88

Mike Goudeau 79

Mike Heidtman 91

Mike Maroney 85

Mitch Bradley 87

Neal Fehnel 77

Ned Way 76

Nic Beery 82

Patrick Cashin 97

Paul Miller

Paul Shapiro 70

Peggy Williams 70

Penn Gillette

Peter Bufano 86

Peter Cincotta 82

Peter Criswell 92

Peter Daniel Straus 91

Philip Karp Briggs 88

Randy Brake 85

Ray Wold

Reed Martin 87

Reid Belstock

Rich Potter 86

Rick Davis 74

Rob Hadaway 89

Rob Merman

Rob Torres 91

Robb Zeiser 85

Rocco Paris

Ron "Toto" Johnson 85

Ron Severini 71

Scott Paras 81

Scott Thrasher 89

Sean Emery 79

Seth Bloom

Shawn Wake 89

Stephen Glover 97

Stephen Simon 95

Steve Smith 71

Steve Russell

Steven M Harris 77

Steven McGinley 96

Ted Lawrence 86

Tim Cooney 71

Tim Roberts 79

Tina Bausch 85

Todd Victor 87

Tony Blanco

Trey Key
Manuel Bothun 82

Tyler Bechtel 93

Verne Varona 70

Woody LaBounty 87

Yosh Schulman 92

Brenda Ahern - Class of 87
Brenda is now a fourth grade teacher in the School
District of La Crosse. She can also be found happily performing and presenting workshops for children at libraries and schools, as well as presenting at Professional Educator Conferences on how to incorporate Clowning and Circus Across the Curriculum
La Crosse, WI
Kenny Ahern - Class of 83
Kenny Ahern and his unique family comedy show performs outdoor theater of Festivals, Fairs and other Special Events. Balancing atop 
an eight foot ladder on one foot and juggling fire, walking precariously on a large rolling sphere—while playing the saxophone, 
eccentric tap & stilt dancing, amazing 
creative water expulsion techniques and more...
La Crosse, WI
Chris Allison 84
Blue 85-91, Red 92, 94-96
Gina Alayne Allison 88
Blue 89-91, Red 92, 94-96
Big Top Circus, corporate events,
circus camp, clown duo and more.
Yonkers, NY 
Brad Aldous - Class of 94

New York

Albert Alter - Class of 81
Portland, Oregon

Jim Arneberg - Class of 78
Arneberg's Super Dog Show/
Sensational Canines are Internationally Acclaimed Animal Stars of Stage & Television
Sarasota, FL

Deon Aumaier - Class of 77
Clown, DJ, Master of Ceremonies,
Circus Skills Instructor, Fire-eater, Stilt walker


  Billy Jim Baker - Class of 70
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 2001
Dolly  Span Baker
- Class of 75

Pigeon Forge, TN

Tina Bausch - Class of 85
Advance Clown for
Culpepper-Merriweather Circus


Tyler Bechtel - Class of 93
A Clown for All Occasions,
Tater A. Peal, is Portland’s
all around clown and variety
entertainer. . .
Nic Beery - Class of 82
Film and Video Production
Producer, director, editor, graphic designer
Karen Bell - Class of 85
One woman show with Grock the performing dog.  clown workshops
Theatre props (foam and latex stuff)
Performing clown,
juggling and balloons
Denver, CO

Reid Belstock - Class of 91
Reid mixes Juggling with his background in Physical Comedy to produce a fast paced show that is suitable for all age groups, and will have you laughing for hours.

Carl Bertolino - Class of 74
Master Magician Maxwell Crump
Melbourne, FL
Tony Blanco

Seth Bloom


Brad Bodary - Class of 85

School Shows

Michael Bongar - Class of 73
Directs, Produces, and Creates entertainment for a wide variety of events
"22 years of 874 kinds of entertainment"
New York
Gerry Born - Class of 90

Tricia Manuel Bothun - Class of 82
blue 83-85
Priscilla Mooseburger
Supplies the World's best clowns
 with the world's best costumes
Maple Lake, Minnesota

Mitch Bradley - Class of 87

  Randy Brake - Class of 85

Heidi Karp-Briggs - Class of 84

Philip Karp-Briggs - Class of 88
Blue 89
Have a forty-five minute variety show filled with juggling, unicycling, stilt-walking and dopey dancing

Carter Brown - Class of 80
la·zer · vaude·ville (lã´zër vôd´vil) n. a mixing of:
black light with juggling, lasers with magic, 
audience participation with acrobatics and slapstick comedy, dance with object manipulation presented in performing arts centers and theatres

Peter Bufano - Class of 86
Composer of Film Scores, 
Peter currently performs with
Kinoshita Circus In Japan
as a musical clown.
Los Angeles, CA 
Darren Burrell - Class of 95

Casey Carle - Class of 86
Bubble Mania is loaded with visual comedy, quick wit, big band swing music and the untamed, often unbelievable qualities of spherical liquids. Casey's creations grow from intricate and imaginative bubble art forms to "trapping" people inside bubbles! Casey is now a children's book author and award winning video artist!
David Carlyon - Class of 76
Blue Unit 1977 and 1978, 
"Advance Clown Ambassador" in front of the
Blue Unit 1979
actor, playwright, theatre instructor, director, author
Wrote a biography of the 19th-century circus clown,
Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man
You've Never Heard Of 
(Public Affairs, 2001)  
Patrick Cashin - Class of 1997
"Inspired Architect of Slapstick Circus Silliness"
performing as both clown and "Comedy Ringmaster"
of the Shrine Circus
Tinton Falls, NJ
Artús Chávez-Novelo -  Class of 1996
Blue Unit 1997
Currently in London working on his M.A.
in Theatre Directing
Peter Cincotta - Class of 82
Geoffrey Cobb - Class of 86
Thom Sellectomy Sword Swallower
Tim Cooney - Class of 71
Film and Television Production Sound Mixer
Beth Cooper - Class of 94


Michael Craig - Class of 90

Keith Crary - Class of 68
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1999

Marc Crazydog - Class of 75
Ancient Voices Educational Museum
 & Yearly Benefit Pow Wow at:
Peter Criswell Class of 92
Interactive Antics is an entertainment agency specializing in themed costumed singers. As well as the Mistletones, Interactive Antics offers The Libertytones - Colonial American Singers who perform authentic music from Americas past in a lively and engaging manner.
New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA

Matt Croke Class of 88?

performs with the
Reduced Shakespeare Company

Mandy Dalton Class of 82
Clown, actress, director
Annapolis, MD
Max Daniels Class of 85
Jerry Darkey Class of 80
Magician, Caricature Artist, Stilt walker,
Balloon Sculptor, and way more
Orlando, FL
Jeff Darnell Class of 78
Michael Davis - Class of 73
Comedic juggler you've probably seen
 on Saturday Night Live (5 appearances),
 Late Night with David Letterman,
 or the Tonight Show
 as well as in Reynolds Wrap,
Nokia and other television commercials.
Rick Davis - Class of 74
Rick Davis, The author of three books on the subject of Totally Useless Skills, he is currently cracking up the corporate world with his comedy speech - Totally Useless Office Skills.
David DeDera
Karen and Greg DeSanto


André du Broc - Class of 92
Teaching at Butler University & University of Indianapolis Theatre Departments
Founding Artistic Director
The Project Experimental Production Company
Indianapolis, IN
Sean Emery - Class of 79
Red Unit 1980-32
Funny guy who juggles stuff
250+ shows a year for over 20 years
St. Cloud, MN area
Grainger Esch
Stilt walking, drums, washboard, ukelele, banjo and more.
Neal Fehnel - Class of 77
Easton, PA
Jennifer Fields - Class of 94

Lemuel E. Fillyaw - Class of 93

Appleton, WI

Chris Fisk - Class of 81
New York, NY

Charlie Frye - Class of 79
For the last twenty years, Charlie and his wife Sherry have been delighting audiences worldwide
with their singular blend of silent comedy,
slapstick, magic, juggling, and acrobatics.

Don Ganz - Class of 81
The New Vaudeville & Circus Company
Marblehead, MA
Adam Gertsacov - Class of 89
boss clown, chief bottle-washer, and Big Cheese
Providence, RI
Debbie Gilbert - Class of 81
Penn Gillette
You know. . .of Penn & Teller,
 wacky comic magician!
Stephen Glover - Class of 97
Steve-O of MTV's Jackass fame
Mike Goudeau - Class of 79
Since July 3, 1991 appearing in the "Lance Burton, Master Magician" show at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas
Dave Grace - Class of 82
Magic, stiltwalkers, 
disk jockeys, puppets
Galloway Twp, New Jersey
Boyd Graham - Class of 83
Jonathon Griggs - Class of 85
Operations Manager for RBBB Blue Unit 2004


  Douglas Grew - Class of 96
New York’s Big Apple Circus has licensed "When Circus and Theater Collide", the inaugural production from The Midnight Circus, for a three year National Tour
Rob Hadaway - Class of 89

 John Hadfield - Class of  82
The Science Show: A visually unique presentation of science - utilizing the skills of juggling, comedy, balancing, magic, and music.

Steven Michael Harris  - Class of 77
Author and demonstrator
for middle and high school students
Cambridge, MA

David K. Hart - Class of ?


Conrad Hartz - Class of 69?
Puppet and Ventriloquist Dummy maker, performer, and workshops
Beaufort, SC

Eric Heath - Class of 81
Renaissance artisan, Marionette maker,
digital imaging & website builder
Maryland's Eastern Shore 
AZ/TX/CO/MD Ren Fests

Michael "Tuba" Heatherton-Class of 78
Trumpet, accordion, juggling, magic, and stilt walking

Cap'n Mike Heidtman - Class of 91
Red Unit '91 -'92
Magical Juggler, master of ceremonies, Ringmaster, variety entertainer, 
concertina and seafaring songs
Charlotte, NC

Joel Heidtman - Class of 86
Red Unit 1987-1990
Blue Unit 1991-1992
Clown College Faculty 90-91, 96-97
Advance Clown in Mexico City 1996-1997
RBBB "Goodwill Ambassador" in China 1996
Juggler - Yo-yo Pro - Diabolo Master - Linguist - Average Golfer - Nice Guy -
Las Vegas, NV

Lara Heidtman - Class of 87
Mike Smith - Class of 89

Kooskia, Idaho

Leslie Hill - Class of 86




Kathie Horejsi - Class of 89
  Solo Performances, Fairs & Festivals,
Special Events, Library Shows, Assemblies, Parties, Corporate Functions, Workshops
Kathie Horejsi is an experienced performer who has played before audiences in Europe, Japan and the United States. Her colorful and energetic clown is one of the most appealing characters produced by the modern American circus tradition.

Jim Howle - Class of 1968
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1994

Christopher Hudert - Class of
Artist whose skills include script writing,
sculpting, set and puppet construction, puppetry,
clowning, stilt walking, juggling and much more
Richmond, VA

Bob Hunt - Class of 82

Bill Irwin, Class of 74
actor, dancer, performance artist, vaudeville clown, producer, writer, director, choreographer
and Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street
Quiet Revelry - Bill Irwin
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1999
  David Jackman - Class of 79
The Jackman Twins combination of magic and humor appeals to young and old alike. Their unique form of entertainment, including circus arts like juggling and fire-eating finds them in continued demand throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

Lee Jarratt - Class of 88
Accounting Services for Small Businesses
and Individuals
the Richmond, VA area

Jeffrey Jenkins - Class of 86
New York’s Big Apple Circus has licensed "When Circus and Theater Collide", the inaugural production from The Midnight Circus, for a three year National Tour
Ron "Toto" Johnson - Class of 85
RBBB Red unit 1986-1989
Clown College stiltwalking intructor 1988
RBBB Advance Clown 1992-present (when they need him)
Performing for circus, stage, screen, and much more across the globe as Ron "Toto" Johnson's Colossal Clowns International
Davenport, Iowa
  Lou Johnson - Class of 1990
Variety Artist

Michael Karp - Class of 90
red 91
 Instruction and performances in:
Theatre, Stage Combat, Puppetry, 
Bird Training, Clowning, and Sideshow
(blockhead, bed-of-nails, fire-eating, psychic)
Ohio based 
Bob Kelmer - Class of 88
gold 89
full-service entertainment company that caters to businesses and organizations as well as individuals, providing top-quality entertainment for any occasion
St. Louis, MO

Bobbi Kennedy - Class of 81
Graphic and Web Design
Owner of Web Design and Beyond
Catering to small business and Musician Sites
Also senior broker for Fair Trade World Barter Company
Dickson, TN  or

Trey Key
Owner of Culpepper & Merriweather
Great Combined Circus

Bob Kramer - Class of 1979
Master bladesmith (knife maker)
Ferndale, WA

Woody LaBounty - Class of 1987
Can do just about anything a client requests,
 including juggling, clowning, fire-eating,
balloon-making, mime,  or magician.
San Francisco, CA

Ted Lawrence - Class of 86
Slapstick Science is an astounding,
exciting, and entertaining series of
science assemblies and workshops
which use the circus as a laboratory.
Hartford, VT
Brady Lea - Class of 87
Brady is an accomplished juggler, physical comic, 
face painter, and an absolute master balloon twister. She is available to work any type of event, from a private party for 4 to a blow-out bash for 5000
San Francisco, CA
Liz (Betzi) Lenz, Class of 75
Albany, NY

Ed Leto - Class of 95
Variety Artist/Entertainer
Northeastern Florida


Lisa B. Lewis - Class of 86
Lisa Lou uses circus skills and magic to astound and amaze you.  Stilts, slack-rope, plate spinning, mime, penny farthing, juggling, face painting, balloon sculpture, rolling globe, rope spinning
Brooklyn, NY

Glenn "Frosty" Little - Class of 68
Clowned with Joe King Circus 1956-1962
Attended Clown College in 1968
Red Unit 1968-70
Boss Clown Red Unit 1970-1980
Given the title
Master Clown by Ringling Bros. 1983
Director of Clowns for Red and Blue Units 1980-1991
Clown College Instructor for 20 years
Burley, Idaho

Barry Lubin - Class of 74
Well known "Grandma" character, Barry has performed with Ringling Bros, Big Apple Circus, Royal Hanneford Circus, and more.
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 2002

Irv Luther - Class of 80
Professional entertainer, magic, clowning, instruction, supplies
Winter Haven, FL

David Magidson - Class of 87
Magic, clown, juggling, physical comedy,
 audience participation, fire juggling,
 acrobatic pratfalls, and winsome tales
Boswick Enterprises
  San Francisco, CA

Beni Malone
The Wonderbolt Circus Show is a hilarious five-person family circus production that combines imaginative use of circus skills, live music, and exuberant clowning.
St. Johns, NF, Canada
Mike Maroney - Class of 85
Red Unit 99
Norfolk, VA
  Kirk Marsh - Class of 97
Physical Comedy.  Juggling, magic, and interpretive dance parodies.
The joys of everyday activities going wrong.
Andy Martello - Class of 88

Chicago's Comic Juggler

Reed Martin - Class of 1987?
Performer/Writer/Managing Partner
Reduced Shakespeare Company
Lowell, MA based - touring nationally
Leon McBride - Class of 69
Buchanon, VA

International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1990

Christy McDonald - Class of 89
multi-media and multi-skilled, from Stilt Walking
to Custom Costume Creations

Steven McGinley - Class of 96

Étienne has been performing his blend of juggling and comedy in three languages throughout the USA and Europe.


Rob Merman - Dean
Founding Director, Circus Smirkus - the International Touring Youth Circus - where kids from across the US and around the world collaborate with professional circus coaches to produce one of the most entertaining
circus adventures under a Big Top.

Greensboro, VT
Kenny Mikey - Class of 94
Children's television personality


Jeffrey Miller - Class of 74
Bike Guy
Marin County, CA
Paul Miller
The CircEsteem program is a chance for kids
to learn great skills through the wonder of circus,
the joy of laughter, and the empowerment
of believing  " I C A N ! "
Greg Milstein - Class of 83
Managing Director of the Academy of Circus Arts
Europe's only touring circus school
Artistic Director of National Circus Project U.S.A.
Go Miura - Class of 89
Tokyo, Japan

Dick Monday - Class of 74
NY Goofs - Utilizing the widespread disciplines of this multi-talented ensemble,  the NY GOOFS amaze and delight with feats of super human dexterity  and normals acts of human absurdity.
Using pantomime, music, dance, juggling, 
and an astute vision of human behavior,  the Goofs present a program  that is guaranteed to take an audience on the journey of a lifetime.

Lauren Muney - Class of 88
Under the company name
widespread offerings in entertainment
and performance-related creations.
D.C./Baltimore based, booked nationally
Michael Naylor - Class of 93
Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Math Education
Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
Angel Ocasio - Class of 84
Performs and teaches comedy & 
clowning skills throughout 
the United States, Canada and Bermuda.
Located in the Pacific Northwest
Bill Olbrisch - Class of 96
Biz the Clown is a classic American style circus clown.  His neo-vaudevillian comedy juggling show  provides thrills and laughs to everyone!
The show's wild tricks and clean humor
appeal to all kinds of audiences.
Chicago, IL
Frank Olivier - Class of 79
Corporate comedy, juggling act with magic, unicycling, and laughter. Frank Olivier, a performer of variety, physical comedy, vaudeville, circus, prop comedy & more.
A world class comedian headliner,
seen on 'The Tonight Show'
  Berkeley, CA
and also


Scott Paras - Class of 1981
Hoxie Bros Circus 1982
Carson & Barnes 1984
Clyde Beatty Cole Bros 1988
Alan C. Hill's Great American Circus 1991
Since 1999 has been collecting and selling Vintage and Collectable Toys (on ebay/toy shows)
Islip, NY

Rocco Paris - Class of ?

Gary Peare - Class of 79
VP, Account Supervisor of Janzen IdeaCorp
Editor of Ukulele Blog
Fresno, CA

Johnny Peers - Class of 70
Muttville Comix is a menagerie of 20 mongrels.
 The trainer has acquired each through pet shelters.

Dale Penrod - Class of 73
Clowning, community Theatre, martial arts, working with puppets and making toys.


Katie Wilson Peterson - Class of 89
Co-Director (with husband, Dale Peterson) of the Tall Toys Troupe - a loose affiliation of stiltwalkers and variety entertainers in the Northeastern United States
Naugatuck, Connecticut

Danny Pitre - Class of 92
1990 Graduate of Nicholls State University
 He is state certified to teach Theatre Arts.
He has been teaching for nine years.
New Orleans, LA

Dawn Pollock Jones - Class of 92


Rich Potter - Class of 86
red 87, gold 88-89
Comedy, juggler, variety entertainer
Performing Clown
D.C./Maryland/Virginia and beyond

Karen Quest - Class of 83
Western variety act with trick-roping,
 whip crackin', music, and audience participation.
Located in San Francisco, CA 
Jeff Raz
explores the intersection of circus, theater and music from many different angles - as a clown, an actor, a teacher, a director and a playwright. His 25 year career has taken him from Broadway and to remote Alaskan villages, across the continental United States and to Europe and Japan.
Brad Reiss - Class of 97
XS (ek'ses') - Marketing/Promotions/Events/Music
Baltimore, MD
DJ Doubledown - Club DJ
Kip Reynolds - Class of 82
Red Unit - 83 to 85

Hilary Roberts - Class of 74
Television Producer/Writer
Credits include Unsolved Mysteries and
 "Sightings" for the SciFi Channel
Writing credits include
Ms., People,
Working Mother and Seventeen
Central Coast of California
Tim Roberts - Class of 79
 Higher Education Courses Director,
the U.K.'s only BA degree in Circus Arts 
The Circus Space


Michael Rock
Clown College Instructor in Physical Improv
& Clown Gag Development 91, 92
He currently directs vaudeville shows for Hershey Park, original musicals for the University of Pennsylvania's
Mask & Wig Club, and also teaches in the Theatre Department at Marymount Manhattan College
and for The Second City Training Center in NYC.
Luis Roman - Class of 76
Red Unit - 77 to 79
New Jersey

Michael Rosman - Class of 88
Amazing Feats of Comedy
D.C./Baltimore area

Doug Rougeux - Class of 84?
The Bubble Man
Liverpool, NY

Steve Russell
The comedy juggling duo of Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw is a 2 - person vaudeville show.  While juggling and comedy are at the core of their show, anything can happen!

Bob Schiele - Class of 83
Independent Filmmaker

Yosh Schulman - Class '92
Designs Websites


Brian Searl
Stilt Walker, Fire, Straight Jacket Escapes,
Stunt Man, and general Goof Ball

Ron Severini - Class of 71
Blue 72 to 74
Blue Unit - Boss Clown: ‘75, ‘76
Asst. Dean of Clown College: ‘77
Director of Clown College: 78 to 84
Director of Clown College/Japan: ‘89, ‘90
Executive Producer - Castle Talent, Inc.
Talent booking specialists,
Producers of Unique Entertainment
Windermere, FL

Paul Shapiro - Class of 70
blue 71
Training and consulting in the fields
 of Project Management
and Human Resource Development
Vashon, WA

Kobi Shaw
The comedy juggling duo of Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw is a 2 - person vaudeville show.  While juggling and comedy are at the core of their show, anything can happen!

Chris Shelton - Class of 81
Blue 82-84, Red (Boss Clown) 85
Performing Clown
Newark, Delaware
Chuck Sidlow - Class of 77
Red 77-83, Blue 83-84, Advance 85-88
Director, Producer, Performer
Sarasota, FL area
Stephen Simon - Class of 95
Sketch Comedy
Los Angeles
Steve Smith - Class of 71
Dean of Clown College, 1992-
T.J. Tatters
 International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1993
Kirby Soderberg - Class of 89
actor, clown, mime, juggler and educator
Tempe, AZ
David Solove - Class of 91
Blue Unit, 1992-2002
For several years former Blue Unit Boss Clown
David Solove  presented his personal Diary
 while traveling across America.
You can read about his adventures at:

Currently he is a variety entertainer

Dolly  Span - Class of 75

see Dolly Span Baker 

Gary Spear - Class of 82
Specializing in the sales and education of unicycles, specialty bikes, juggling and balancing equipment
Springfield, MA
Kevin Starr - Class of 87

Knoxville TN

website disappeared recently 

Donna Stivers - Class of 85
Clowning Around
Professional Birthday Party Entertainment
Charles Strachan a.k.a. Charlie Stron - Clown College Faculty
Clown, Stiltwalker, Juggler, Genius
Las Vegas, NV
Peter Daniel Straus - Class of 91
Blue Unit - 1992
New York City
website will be going live within a couple weeks at:
Jackie Tan - Class of 92
Maker of Circus Equipment
Summer camp instructor
She lives in Gardner, NV (south of Reno)
Jeff Taub - Class of 92

Northern California

Jeff Taveggia - Class of ?
Jeff the Juggler
Performer on Cruise Ships and more.


Scott Thrasher  - Class of 89
Clown – Vaudevillian – Actor – Educator
Partner to Gerry Born Class of 90
Las Vegas , NV


Rob Torres - Class of 91
Physical Comedy, Really Cool Characters, Stupid Human Tricks, Juggling clubs, balls, fire, knives, cups,  hats, cigar boxes, diabolo, really silly things like hair curlers and pudding (without a cup), Stilt Walking, Magic, Rope Spinning, Unicycle
New York, NY 
Guy "Guido" Totaro  - Class of '92
 Acting, Improvisation,
Commedia dell Arte, Clowning,
Fire Eating & Blowing, Musical Saw,
Stand-Up Comedy, Juggling
Magic, Stilt Walking, Ukulele
Singing - Baritone, Narration, Modeling
Conversational Japanese
SF Mime Troupe
Kent Tyler - Class of 70
Speedo is the only touring speedway clown in the US today. Along with "Rosie", his lovable, magical and often temperamental 1931 model `A' Ford Clown car.  Speedo's annual tour of 30,000 miles takes him to over 50 race tracks and speedways throughout the nation.
Boynton Beach, FL
Verne Varona - Class of 70
Currently, book author and filmmaker.

Joe Vecciarelli - Class of 88
Award winning balloons - magic - fun

Todd Victor - Class of 87
Juggling, pantomime, tight wire walking, stilt walking, physical and verbal comedy
Sonoma County California

Gil Wadsworth - Class of 79
Motion Picture Director
Sterling Pacific Films/Loch Lomond Entertainment Ltd. over thirty feature films, eleven HBO world premieres, three network television series, 
and six Movie of the Weeks.
Venice, CA
and also,
Shawn Wake - Class of 89
Designer of Sets & Stages
Kansas City

Ned Way - Class of 76
Illusionists, jugglers and family/kids evangelists
Louisville, Kentucky

 Peggy Williams - Class of 70
First female graduate of Clown College
International Clown Hall of Fame Inductee 1998

Mark Willimann - Class of 82
Tucson, AZ
Katie Wilson - Class of 89

see Katie Wilson Peterson

David Wisniewski - Class of 73
Deceased 2002
Winner of the 1997 Caldecott Medal
 for one of his children's books
Frederick, Maryland
There are dozens of web pages
with info about him, including:

Bill Witter - Class of ?
Magician, Clown, Juggler, 
Comedy Singing Telegrams, 10 Foot Stiltwalker
Las Vegas, NV 


Jeff Wirth - Class of 78
Here you will find the inside track on the cool ideas, exciting projects and latest developments that have captured his curiosity and tickled his imagination -- all related to improvisational or interactive theatre.


Ray Wold - Class of ?
Jumps a flaming rope with his unicycle, balances a blazing chair upon his chin...escapes from a burning straight jacket, and eats fire at halftime shows, corporate events,  and has appeared on television in over 13 countries
Donna Wood-Babcock-Class of 81
Executive Director
the Greater Los Angeles area
Brad Yates - Class of 94
Personal Performance Coach,
Family Health and Wellness,
and Hypnotherapist
Robb Zeiser - Class of 85
Stand up comedian
Los Angeles, CA

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