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Bridal Accessories & Headwear for the Bride

Bridal Soleil Chapeau blocks the sun

Soleil Chapeau

Bridal Festoon stretchy headband with added veil

Headwear for the Bride

Feather Festoon with Veil

Lady Foxley's Riding Cap




A white feather bridal hat

 Above, a white feather hat  
with leather oak leaves


Large Feather Barrettes in white or whatever colors you choose

Above, a large feather barrette with tapestry petals and gold trim

The veil is two pieces and is held old by the use of one of our three strand beaded hairsticks with Pearls Pearl 3 strand beaded hairstick with attached veil

Above, custom order 3 strand beaded hair stick  
with pearls, crystals and removable veils


At left a bridal feather fan with gold highlights


These photographs are representative of previous custom pieces by Debra.

Photo of a lacey bridal garter


Lacey Bridal Garter $24


  Don't see what you want pictured here?

Simply call
and describe
your vision
to Debra

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